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Helping and improving the health and wellness of those who are sick and in need of care is a respected career path. Healthcare is full of exciting challenges and rewarding benefits, but it's an extremely vast field. From medical lab assistants and practical nurses to community health care workers and rehabilitation assistants, there are many different areas you can go into - and the School of Health Care at CDI College will give you the opportunity to choose which one is right for you.

CDI College offers several healthcare certificate and diploma programs:

Each of the health care diploma programs at CDI College cover a variety of theoretical concepts with practical training, so you can be prepared to apply your health care education to your new career. Students will gain fundamental knowledge of human anatomy, physiology, chronic conditions, palliative care, behaviour management, mental health approaches, and medical terminology, depending on the program they choose.

Whether you’re learning practical nursing skills, getting basic pharmacology career training, or learning office management procedures that are necessary for running a medical office, CDI College will train you to demonstrate strong critical thinking skills and to use an informed problem-solving approach to your job. This will allow you to provide care and assistance that promotes physical, psychological, and social well-being of patients. Students will also gain hands-on experience through required practicum placements.

Upon successful completion of a health care diploma program at CDI College, graduates will be eligible to work in hospitals, rehabilitation centres, dental offices, pharmacies, child and youth service departments, group homes, mental health centres, drug and alcohol treatment facilities, physiotherapy clinics, and much more!

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